SOtM docs

  • This instruction is about to upgrade both sDP-1000EX's Main firmware and Audio USB module firmware.
  • The both firmware upgrade should be done at once.

How to upgrade the sDP-1000EX firmware

Upgrade the Main Firmware


  • Download and Extract sDP-1000EX's Main firmware.

  • Download and install Flip software for the firmware upgrade.

Flip 3.4.7 software

Connect to sDP-1000EX

Connect sDP-1000EX to PC by a USB cable. Change the position of the red switch on the rear panel of sDP-1000EX to the DFU side. The red switch is next to Audio USB port. Turn on sDP-1000EX. The OLED won't display anything.

  • If, the OLED displays something, check the red switch's position, and then try to turn on the device again.

Run Flip program

Run Flip program.

Select a device

Click the button to select a device, and select AT90USB1286.

Connect the device

Select USB Port Connection and click Open button to be connected.

Select Firmware file

Select Load Hex File mene , and then select the download firmware.

Update Firmware

Click 'Run' button to update the firmware.

Finish upgrading the main firmware

Once the main firmware upgrade is finished, change the position of the red switch to Audio side, and turn on the device. Then, the OLED display normally.

  • If, the OLED displays nothing, check the position of the red switch again, then turn on the device.

Upgrade Audio USB module firmware


  • Download the Audio USB module firmware.


  • If the SOtM driver for Windows OS is not installed, download and install it to the PC properly.

SOtM USB Audio 2.0 Driver v2.23.0

Upgrade SOtM USB Audio Firmware

  1. Connect sDP-1000EX to PC by a USB cable, and turn on the sDP-1000EX.
  2. Run SOtM USB Audio Firmware Upgrade(It is installed together when you installed the windows driver to Windows OS)

Select the firmware file

Click Browse button and select the downloaded firmware.

Update the firmware

Click Start button to update the firmware.

Finish upgrading the USB audio firmware

Run SOtM USB Audio Control Panel and check the firmware version of sDP-1000EX.


sDP-1000EX FW file